Taking care of your underwear may seem easy and trivial in a glance. Not only because of their small size, but also because they tend to be easy to wash and dry. But do you know that 49% of women are proved failed to wash their bras in the right techniques, let alone to get rid of the white discharge stains, urine or any other blemish in their panties? Hence we found out that taking care of your underwear may have not any less of regulations.

Underwear has a big role to the comfort and health of our very sensitive areas. To keep your underwear always well-kept, hygienic, comfortable and also long last, you should take a look to these 11 tips.

1. Even when there is no stingy smell or stain, don’t wear it more than a day!

Even if you are in an air-conditioned room all day long and your body is well-kept that there is no stain, you still have to change underwear for twice a day. Don’t wear underwear over and over again.

2. Read the care instruction on your underwear

Every kind of cloth has its own care instruction on how to wash, dry and keep it. Make sure you have read the instruction before deciding to buy, wear and wash it.

3. For bra, don’t forget to attach the hook before washing it

The purpose is so the bra’s hook doesn’t tear the other clothes which are washed together. Especially if you are washing it using washing machine, attaching the hook is such a MUST.

4. It’s better to wash it right away after using the underwear

You should use to wash your underwear right away after you use it so the bacteria and germs can’t stay in your underwear for any longer. You can wash your underwear while taking a bath or as soon as possible since the longer germs, bacteria and stains stuck in the underwear than the more difficult they are to get rid of.

5. If you have no time to wash it right away, don’t put other clothes above the bras

The bra’s shape will be easier to change and broken if there are pinned under other clothes. Put your bra in the top of your basket so the weight of other clothes wouldn’t be a burden that breaks your well-shaped bra’s cup.

6. Don’t submerge your underwear for more than 5 minutes (Even when there is stain!)

We may think that submerging the clothes longer will help us ease the stains easier. However, for underwear, you must not submerge it for more than 5 minutes as it can break the elasticity of your underwear.

7. Use baking soda for yellow stains

Having yellow stains in your underwear is very irritating but too bad happens so often to most of us. The most effective way is to pour some amount of detergent to the stain, rub, and rinse it using cold water. After that, pour baking soda to the remaining stain, stroke it again using soft brush (a used toothbrush) and then rinse again with cold water.

8. Avoid washing underwear using machine

Underwear will be more durable if it is washed by hand, not machine. However, if it’s really urgent for you to wash it using machine, make sure you use the bras washing pocket. As for the wired bras, still avoid drying it using machine so its material won’t shrink.

9. Better to use baby shampoo than detergent with strong chemical content

Chemical substance can make your intimate organs allergic and irritation. It can tear your underwear material as well. So, it’s better to use baby shampoo which is softer and lighter for your underwear. If you insist to use detergent, make sure to only use the liquid ones.

10. Use the normal temperature to wash your underwear

Hot water can tear the elasticity of your underwear. Hence, it’s highly suggested to use cold or normal temperature water to wash your underwear and keep it durable.

11. NEVER ever squeeze your bra to dry it!

Let the water flows from the bra by patting it and don’t dry it too long under the sun! If it hasn’t been completely dry, use clean towel to absorb the water. Hang on the middle of the cup while drying the bra.