Window box planting is a great option of simple gardening at home. Even you only have a small space for gardening, the window boxes are quite effective to plant beautiful flowers or other beneficial plants. There are kinds of plants that can be chosen for your window boxes and perennials could be the best option. Perennials planting will enable you to save money while having beautiful plants on your window boxes. The flowers will bloom throughout the year so you will not see them die, even in the coldest seasons. Choose perennials so you can see the beautiful flowers every time as well as save your money because you don’t need to change the flowers every year.

Best Options of Perennials for Window Boxes

There are some best perennials that can be chosen to plant inside your window boxes such as miniature roses, asters, ivy geranium, dianthus, salvia and also kinds of spring bulbs. They are great options of flower to plant inside your window boxes. Besides, you also can add some herbs such as sage, lavender, rosemary, and also chives. In the area with mild climate, the leaves of rosemary will grow throughout the year, you can get awesome evergreen look with this without a must to spend much money.

On the other hand, the herbs will also bring nice smell into your home and you can pick some of the leaves as one of a recipe’s ingredients, simply by opening your window. If you don’t know well about which plant that is great to choose in full shade or sun, make sure you check the plant tags or asking the associate nursery in your area before choosing one plant.

Evergreen Trailing Plants

There are some options of trailing plants that don’t need difficult maintenance, such as vinca minor, English ivy, ivy leafed geranium, etc. Make sure the plants are trimmed regularly in desired length and you should water it sufficiently in the dry periods.

Perennials that Bloom in Certain Times

If you need some blooms to plant at fall for blooms in springtime, you can choose tulips, mini daffodils, grape hyacinths and also ranunculus. In the late spring time, you can plant mini carnations, English daisies, and Iceland poppies. Perennials that bloom at the early fall are Chinese lantern, violas, coreopsis, perennial grasses, and also stock. Besides, kinds of herbs will grow best in summer.

Use Pots or Plastic Inserts to Rotate Perennial Plants

The limited space of gardening in window boxes might be quite tricky when you choose kinds of timing perennial blooms. To solve such problem, you can line the flower box with removable pot or plastic liner so you can rotate the perennials. The liners can be purchased in local garden center and the price is about $5 – $10 per liner depended on the length. The liner is a great idea for planting solution in window boxes and also affordable. You can have four liners to plant different perennials in every season.

Moisture Retentive Potting Soil, the Best Soil for Window Boxes

It is important to choose light weight potting soil mix for planting in window boxes. The mix should contain moisture retentive soil like peat moss and vermiculite, those ingredients will keep the soil moist and the plant aerated. You can change the soil in every spring season and a dose of fertilizer every month for the window boxes’ plants so they will grow healthy all the time.

Build You Own Window Boxes

For those who don’t have large space or yard for gardening or those who love planting near their windows, window boxes are best options. You can buy ready to use window boxes in any garden center in mostly affordable prices. Otherwise, you also can make your own window boxes by reusing used things. There are many tutorials that will show you step by step to make window boxes by reusing things surround you. The steps are commonly quite simple so you can build them without so much effort.

If you don’t have any passion in making DIY projects, you can buy the window boxes in any design that will also beautify your home. When the window boxes have been ready, then display your good looking perennials inside it.