Everyone who just install Windows 10 must feel it familiar enough. However, this new Windows is different with the previous version. This latest OS brings back the traditional desktop interface especially in the Start menu. On the other hand, the new Windows has new features like notification center, the virtual assistant of voice controlled Cortana, and some other features.

1. The Traditional Start Menu

The traditional Start menu is back in Windows 10, but there are some changes. By pressing the Windows key or Start button, you can open the menu that popping up without full the screen. The menu contains of live tiles that show the applications of constant data changing such as stock, news, and also weather information. You can remove it by simply clicking right. The Start menu also can be resized by clicking and dragging the edges.

2. Universal Windows Applications in Windows

In Windows 8, some users got confused for the Metro apps that ran full screen environment that is separated from the normal desktop. In Windows 10, the apps are more useful. The apps run on the desktop now and will work with the traditional apps. Besides, the users also can download and install the apps from Windows Store.

3. Optional Tablet Mode

Tablet Mode in Windows 10 is presented in full screen like the full interface in Windows 8. In tablets, this feature will be able automatically. On hybrid laptop, the tablet mode can be switched in or out by detaching or attaching the keyboard.

4. Digital Assistant Feature; Cortana

This feature belongs to the main position in Windows 10. Located on the next of Start button, it provides personal assistant features like voice search. You can use this digital assistant to track flight, email dictation and also as reminders just like Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

5. No More Charms

In Windows 8, Charms is the feature that appears from the right when you swipe the right side of the screen. In Windows 10, it is unavailable. The Shutting Down button can be gotten again in Start menu. Meanwhile, swiping the right side of the screen will provide Action Center that contains notifications and shortcuts to some settings such as screen brightness and Wi-Fi. The Action Center also can be accessed by clicking the small notification bubble in the area of notification.

6. Multiple Desktops from the Task View

This feature will allow you to organize programs and windows in some workspaces. Access the feature by clicking the icon of Task View on the Cortana box or direct access by pressing Windows key and Tab in the same time. You will see some separated desktops. For instance, you can have a desktop for your tasks and another desktop for social media or something else.

7. Microsoft Edge Substitutes Internet Explorer

You can try a new browser called Microsoft Edge with all new streamlined engine and interface. It is claimed to be faster than Google Chrome. It also includes Cortana and new feature named web annotations that allows scribbling images and notes on web pages. The annotations will be saved separately so you can open the notes or images when you visit the page again. More capabilities can be gotten from the browser extensions in future update. This new OS also still comes with Internet Explorer that will be functional for old websites that can’t work with Edge.

8. Easy Signing In with Windows Hello

If your PC is the new one with Intel RealSense camera and Windows 10, you can log in to your PC automatically by using your face to replace the password. Besides, you also can choose to use your fingerprint in the Windows Hello. Meanwhile, for those who don’t have such new hardware, you can log in with picture password or PIN like in the Windows 8.

9. Integrated Microsoft OneDrive and Accounts

This feature will enable you to sign in by using Microsoft account; like what you do in the Android devices by using Google account or iCloud ID in Apple devices. The ID will make you signing in to Microsoft services automatically including to Windows. Meanwhile, the cloud storage service of Microsoft OneDrive is integrated to File Explorer on desktop with Windows 10. There is 15 GB storage available online for all users of Windows.

10. Regular and Automatic Updates of Windows 10

Windows 10 in home PCs is able to be automatically updated by Windows Update and it cannot be disabled. Whenever new updates are available for the software, you will get it automatically. Windows Update in Windows 10 can’t be disabled so the users will never stuck to outdated OS that is weak to malware. The new features and other improvements of Microsoft will also be available regularly.