Regular maintenance should be done to every whirlpool washing machine. It is important to prevent the problems in the cleaning process. Dirt and strong mildew smells inside the machine’s tub will make the clothes come out smelly and dirty. That is why you should clean the washing machine regularly. It will prevent clogs in the filter system and water pump that could cause problems in drainage. Besides, the cleaning process will also prevent water to enter the tub. It is important to clean your washing machines at least once every month so it will not be smelly or clogged.

Steps to Clean Whirlpool Washing Machine

The regular cleaning process of washing machine can be done in some simple steps, such as:

  • Use your all-purpose bathroom cleaner to spray the inside area of your washing tub and then wipe the tub down by using a rag so you can remove hairs or other debris from the inside.
  • Next, clean the lint filter of the washing machine. Pull the lint filter out and then remove it from the trap simply by your hand. Every model of washing machine may have different location of lint filter. If you don’t know where the filter is, you can read the washing machine manual to find the location.
  • To clean the inside components of the washing machine, you can add vinegar as much as 2 cups to the basin. Next, turn the washing machine on and then set the dials to large and hot setting of load. Let the washing machine runs to the setting of washing and rinsing cycle.
  • In another cycle of the washing machine, add bleach as much as 2 cups and then run the machine.
  • Clean the detergent dispenser from mildew or mold. Remove it the tray from your washing machine and then soak it into a solution of bleach and water mix in a bucket.
  • To clean the detergent tray, pull the tray out from your washing machine and then press it down to release the tabs. You can clean the tray by using spray cleaner or soak it in one gallon of water that has been mixed with bleach. It is important to clean mildew from the tray. To clean the small crevices, you can use a toothbrush for easier cleaning process.
  • You also should clean the outside of the washing machine. Spray some all-purpose bathroom cleaner and then rub it by using a rag. Avoid the area of control panel from direct cleaner spray because it may cause water stuck behind it. You can clean the area by spraying the cleaner onto the wipe and then clean the area down.

How to Clean the Mold from Washing Machine

Mold or mildew is a common problem found in a washing machine. It can cause odors that will also make the clothes smelly. Mold can grow in the washing bin, pipe and also gasket of the washing machine. Besides it will make the clothes dirty, the spores of the mold also can cause allergic reaction. That is why you should clean the mold completely. It will keep the washing machine smells fresh and also reduce the allergens of the mold spores. You only need some bleach to clean the mold out.

These are the simple steps to clean the mold from your washing machine.

  • Pour as much as 3 cups of bleach into your washing machine; make sure the machine is empty before you pour the bleach.
  • Set the washing machine to regular cycle with hot water to clean the inside of the washing machine effectively. Then, turn the machine off.
  • Scrub the area under the rim, gasket area and other locations by using a sponge or toilet brush if the bleach water can’t reach.
  • Let the hot bleach water soaking the inside of the machine all night long.
  • On the next morning, continue the washing machine’s cycle until it is completed. You will see the mold get out from the inside of the washing machine.

With the clean washing machine, you can make sure the clothes are washed well without any bad smell or dirt attached on them after being washed. You can have perfectly cleaned clothes with fresh smell and free from allergens.