How to decorate bedroom? This question will always appear out of your mind. Bedroom is the important room for us. We will spend longer times there. Besides that, you will also start your days in this room. That’s why it will be a matter when you decide to decorate a bedroom. It must be difficult project for you, right? You will need some guides for decorating it.

So, how to start it? If you want to know those guidelines, you can keep reading below. Here are some great steps for you to change your bedroom look with lower budgets. You can follow them easily.

Considering about your time and money on this project

First of all, you need to consider about your money and time for decorating a bedroom. Some people with a lot of money will follow their hearts to decorate. However, they also will consider about budgets they will spend. If you only have tight budget, of course you need to consider other things. Here are those considerations:

  • You can repaint your old furniture instead of purchasing the new furniture products.
  • Applying the vinyl wall stickers instead of repainting the wall. It is the most popular option for youth. Besides that, it will be also the alternative way for you who cannot paint the wall, right? Of course it will take your time lot, right?
  • Choosing the affordable new things for your bedroom. For example, you can choose curtain with lower price. So, before purchasing the new items, you have to consider about those prices.

Deciding your bedroom theme

Theme will be the next important thing for your bedroom decoration. By knowing the theme, you will be able to know what some furniture products you need to prepare. Besides that, you can also decide what perfect colors you can apply on your bedroom walls. Not only choose the colors, you can also apply some patterns there.

Applying color and pattern is not only on the wall. But, you can choose other materials to paint. For example, you can choose pillow, rugs, bed linens, and other things to show the color theme of the room. There are some places you can visit in order to find some ideas. Where are there?

  • Visiting some websites in internet. You can browse some tips and ideas there.
  • Checking some home catalogs.
  • Visiting some furniture stores and taking note of some displays you find and like there.

Those things can be the inspiring ideas for you, right? You will not also spend more budgets by taking those steps above.

Considering the best themes to be applied in your bedroom

For your information, there are a lot of themes you can find. For somebody who likes spending times at home, of course they will need the new theme there. They will be fine with the old themes they have in the bedroom. For this case, you can only take several things to be renewed. For example, you can change the color of your rugs, furniture products, and also your bed and pillow cases.
In other hand, you will express your current ideas on the smaller things that you can easily change. Well, here are some guides for you to express them.

  • For a teen, of course you will change your interest quickly every time. Why don’t you change your theme like being seventeen years old? There are a lot of choices you can find for that.
  • Committing the theme so over will look boring for you. If you decorate a room fully with a theme, it will look boring theme. So, you can choose several things only to show your room theme and combine other aspects for them.

Making sure that your room is clean

Now, you need to make sure that your room is clean enough for you to decorate. If you find it messy, you need to clean it first. You can move anything easily and apply the new things. Last, you can see the result how it looks.
Reviewing your room is also the important thing for you. Well, you need to check the whole conditions of your room. So, you can remain unimportant things there. Finally, those are all some steps how to decorate bedroom.