Your daily activities may be too packed up that you have only little time to take care of your looks. Forget about using correctors, concealer and foundation, you may stay up all night too long that you don’t realize there are a big panda eyes.

The swollen eyes and faces are definitely not a condition you should happily maintain as it is really disturbing for your overall appearance. If you let this condition last longer, you will look less interesting day by day. Since appearance is very important for women, here are 8 simple tricks to have a glowing and rosy faces, special for all the busy ladies out there!

1. Washing Face in Routine, No Matter How Busy You Are

No matter how busy you are, the ritual you should never forget is to wash your face routinely. Your fast paced activities will bring germs to stick on your face. Hence, washing your face at least while you are taking shower is a must to keep your face clean. For it, use only the facial wash which is suitable for your skin type.

2. Use moisturizer before having activities

Lack of sleep will make your face dry and dull. That is why applying moisturizer is the best way to fight the dullness and dryness on your face. Even if you think twice to use other make up, but surely you must apply moisturizer before you start your activities.

3. Wear Concealer or Face Powder

Concealer is not only great to vague the dark circle under the eyes, but also to treat and heal it. However, if you have no time to find the best concealing products, you can make use of the face powder to conceal your panda eyes. Apply it evenly on your eye bags after your moisturizer is dry.

4. Avoid Wearing Pink or Red Eye shadow

If you have more time to wear makeup, eye makeup is a key to make all your look pretty. In order to get a fresh and glowing looks, it’s better to avoid the red and pink shade for your eye shadow as it will only pop up your swollen eyes. Instead, you can apply the dark brown and black eyeliner to vague the effect of lack of sleep.

5. Wearing blush on to look fresh

You can always hide your tired face with the application of the right shade blush on. Your cheeks are the areas which are look at the most. Of course, having fresh and rosy cheeks will bring positive effect to the people who see it.

6. Get the right shade of Lipstick, Lip gloss, or Lip tint

The easiest way to bring color to your face is by simply applying lipstick, lip gloss or lip tint. Here, bringing the shade of red or pink to your lip will definitely bring the rosy and glowing effect to your dull face.

7. Treat Your Hair Right

You can be too busy with your activities, but don’t forget to always treat your hair right. Having a messy and dirty hair will only dim your light. It’s an unwise idea to support your lack of sleep appearance with messy and dirty hair. Aside from having your hair washed regularly, it’s important to style it right with bandana or hair clips. If it’s taking too much effort for you, tying your hair is an effortless trick to style your hair well.

8. Drink More Water and Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

You can be busy but don’t keep a distance from water, fruits and vegetables. In fact, your outer look should be maintained from the inside as well. Drinking water for at least 2 liters a day is a must. You can have your tumbler everywhere you go from now on. While it sounds appealing to eat junk food during your busy schedule, don’t get used to that bad habit and start consuming vegetables and fruits. You don’t have to make those healthy foods and beverages by yourself as now there are many restaurants which offer take away or delivery healthy menu to you. So basically, you don’t have any reasons to avoid water, vegetables and fruits anymore despite your busy schedule.